About us

We’re excited to bring revolutionary live GPS tracking systems to endurance sports events and individual adventurers from all around the world. We work predominantly in the endurance sport industry alongside event directors and participants.

Our live tracking system helps event directors run high-profile events by utilising the latest in GPS satellite and digital technology. Make your event more interactive, get more exposure for sponsors and create an experience that participants can share with friends and family from afar. It’s about safety, logistics and communication.

We began working with events in New Zealand and this has expanded to countries all around the world. Our tracking has been used in many different events including cycle brevets, multi-sport adventure races, ultra marathons and flying light aircraft across North America.

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The team at MAProgress.

Our Backstory

Our company is built on our love of the outdoors. Back in 2012 Shane’s wife, Jane, spent 53 days hiking solo across the South Island of New Zealand. Shane used a different tracking system to follow her progress and meet her for resupplies along the way. Being an avid software developer, he quickly realised that while there were a few companies doing similar things, he could do it much better, providing more visibility and easier access to athletes’ information. He began developing the product and shifted his focus from tracking individual adventurers to larger sports events. The first official event was tracked in 2014 and the company later evolved into MAProgess, as it’s known today.

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