Tracking Sports Events

Our live tracking system helps event directors run high-profile events by utilising the latest in GPS satellite and digital technology. Make your event more interactive, get more exposure for sponsors and create an experience that participants can share with friends and family from afar. It’s about safety, logistics and communication.

Whatever size event you run, our live tracking system can add value. We work with event organisers from around the world on events from small grassroots cycle brevets to ultra marathons with hundreds of competitors.We can fully customise our tracking system to suit your event.

We have the capability to support millions of viewers, making our tracking system perfect for high-profile events.We utilise Google Premium which means we have unlimited map views. Many other sites crash if they get more than 100,000 site views per day.

The way our site is designed means that updates happen in real time, the page doesn’t need to be refreshed. Tracking can be between 2.5 and 10 minutes apart, depending on your desire and the environment your event takes place in.

Sometimes we track every participant in an event. At other times, event organisers choose to have their top 10 or 20 ranked athletes tracked and then make the service optional for the rest of the field. And some event organisers choose to provide our service as an optional add-on for participants. It adds the greatest value to the event when all participants are tracked.

Our tracking system works with many different devices. At the moment we mostly work with SPOT Trace, Gen 3 and InReach devices. Learn more about these deviceshere.


Our unique user interface makes it easy for friends and family to follow participants even with hundreds of others close by. Packed with features, ‘dot watchers’ get a feel for what participants are going through and quickly become addicted.


Have peace of mind that participants are safe. We can provide trackers that allow participants to send an SOS message to race organisers. In the event of an emergency, event organisers can be notified to arrange quick evacuation or other assistance.

Added value for sponsors
Live tracking increases engagement during events that can be difficult for fans to view in person, giving sponsors a larger audience and more exposure. More exposure helps event organisers retain key sponsors and also attract new ones.

Improve Logistics
Team mates, pacers, and support crew can plan logistics. Supporters can relax by not needing to worry they might miss participants as they know where they are at all times. Race organisers can keep track of where the field and their officials are and direct those close by in the event of an emergency.

Events we currently work with

Tour Aotearoa. This is one of the world’s great cycle brevets, running 3000 km from Cape Reinga to Bluff, the length of New Zealand. It follows a combination of cycle trails, tracks, paths and lanes connected by the most enjoyable country roads available. In 2018 we will be tracking around 600 riders in this event.

Coast to Coast. The World Multisport Championship race held annually in New Zealand. This iconic event sees participants traverse 243 km on foot, bike and by kayak from the West to the East Coast in the South Island of New Zealand.

Air Race Classic. A unique women’s only Air Race across the United States over four days, dating back to Amelia Earhart. Our first race in the US, fifty light aircraft fly between set airports, the fastest airplane relative to their measured maximum speed wins.

Hardrock 100. One of the world’s toughest ultramarathons in Silverton, Colorado. This iconic event’s course covers 100 miles with 33,050 feet of elevation gain. We are starting to track the Hardrock in July 2017 and all participants are being tracked.

Kiwi Brevet Mountain Bike packing Event, New Zealand

Scott Emmens, Race Organiser for the 1200km Kiwi Brevet event, talks about MAProgress tracking.